A Guide to Toast – for Husbands

A Guide to Toast - for Husband's (colour scale)

It is a vital issue of grave importance.  How do you like your toast done?  I have to admit that I do like my bread ‘lightly toasted’, you know just as a hint of colour but with a toasted crispiness.  Husband, on the other hand, does not believe that bread is toasted unless it is uniformly brown all over.  Brown brown.  Usually accompanied by blackness and a faint whiff of char.  What about you?  Is your household divided too?

12 thoughts on “A Guide to Toast – for Husbands

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  1. Love the visual. I am also a “lightly toasted” kind of gal. My husband? I don’t think he cares as long as he didn’t have to make it.

  2. I like mine lightly to medium-toasted, but hubby eats whatever I give him and doesn’t say a word. Smart man. Same thing with eggs. If I am frying two eggs and one of the yolks breaks, I always say, “Aw, honey, your yolk broke.” He never complains. Smart man.

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