Bruises, Bleeds and Breaks

~ Trigger Alert ~


Who’re you going to tell?

Who’d believe you anyway?

They said that names will never hurt you

They say it’s just words

But hearts bruise

And hearts bleed

And hearts break


The constant stream of insults

(Name-calling would be so simple)

But there’s more, always more

Mocking, taunting isn’t where it ends

The criticism, the scepticism

The where do you think you’re going

The why do you think you can go

The what do you think you look like

The why did you go and do that for?

You’re stupid, stupid, stupid

Abrasively wearing down

The heart bruises too

It bleeds and breaks too


Fists aren’t the only blows

Aim low, no one ever sees

Hit hard, no one ever pays attention

Who cares about you anyway?

But hearts bruise

And hearts bleed

And hearts break


Sand away, sow doubt

Maybe you don’t deserve any better

Maybe you did do something wrong

No one else would put up with you

Where’d you be without me?

Learn to be grateful that it isn’t any worse

Learn that the only fault is with you

Living with the eye rolls every time you open your mouth

Living with the blame, for anything and everything

Mind games, spirals

Everything’s out of control

Not knowing what just happened

Not knowing what to believe

The heart bruises too

It bleeds and breaks too


Taking responsibility, blaming yourself

Living with fear of someone finding out

Dreading that they discover just how bad you must be

Living with the burning shame, living with the isolation

Knowing that you drove them to this

Hearing only ever one voice

Losing your own voice

Is this never-ending nightmare just in your mind?

Who is going to believe you?

Who is going to listen to you?

The heart bruises

The heart bleeds

The heart breaks


Are you going to listen?

Are you going to believe?



I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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