Thank You Agujas!

Don’t you love getting something in the post?  I mean, other than ominous missives from DWP and the bank or red-inked threats from the water board; for some reason, they’re not particularly fun – they wreak havoc on my nervous system.  Sometimes, sometimes, something ‘nice’ comes in the post and that makes the postal system all worth while again.  Do you remember when you were little and ‘nice’ things were all the post ever brought?  Ah, the days.

And don’t get me wrong, I love giving and indeed, it’s something that I’m infinitely more comfortable with but life has been very bleak of late so receiving something, an amazing something in fact, was like a summer holiday in some exotic locale where such things may actually be possible.  I am very, superlatively grateful for that sunshine.

I follow a blog called Agujas by a lady called Verónica and she was away last year in China.  I know, how amazing!  And being a knitter, of course, she needed to check out and test the local provisions for knitting and when she returned home, she, of course, brought home stash.  And then she generously shared some of that stash, which you can read all about here.

Aren’t those bags so cute?  And practical.  (I, naturally, am not just a ‘cute’-minded girl but things have to be practical).  (I also, apparently, have a ‘thing’ for bags and have done since childhood.  I like putting things in bags.  Bags are useful.  Bags are practical.  They blame my maternal grandmother).  Knitters, on the whole, also develop an obsession with bags.  The perfect bag for their knitting.  It’s possibly more elusive than the perfect handbag (personally, I solved that issue many years back) but the problem with knitting is that it changes shape and size and weight and sticky-out-ness and stabby-ness regularly and therefore requires a variety of containment facilities.  Honestly.  You can never have enough project bags.

And she sent little old me one of those lovely bags!

(I like bags.  Did I mention that?)

(I like knitting bags.  Did I mention that?)

My Knitting BagBag Details

Spotty Car Closeup
(I Want a Car Like This!)

Cute Elephant Closeup

Oh, and this bag is of such cute, practical dimensions that I can pretend that I am carrying a proper lady-handbag whilst it’s actually a motley collection of chocolate, gloves, necessities and knitting.  (I also got thwarted with the whole carrying thing because I need both hands on my legs so I had to designate a bag carrier, so yeah, I’m still not doing good at this whole pretending it’s a lady-handbag thing).

But there was more!


Stitch Markers

Pencil Tin

Please Don't ForgetPanda PotsOpera Paper Cutout

Two Balls of Wool

Sheep on the Wool Band
Aren’t they cute sheep?

I had a lovely morning (or later, depending on when I actually wake up) unwrapping my goodies.  And besides the bag, look at the cute pots and pencil tin – storage, things to put things in!  My cuppeth over runneth.

I have already used my new stitch markers.

The question remains, what to use such lovely wool on?

Beautiful Wool Closeup

Decisions, decisions.

Pop over to her blog to see the gorgeous (garter stitch!) blanket that she made for her son and to read all about the fascinating history of point blankets.

Thank you Agujas!

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  1. SQUEAK! That’s adorable. The fact that it doesn’t look all frilly is probably good for your designated bag carrier at least half the time!! So cute. And I love the “forgot this moment” sign!

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