A Bird Song

The words of Christina Rossetti have spoken to me for a very long time; I am no scholar or reader and perhaps am really conscious of just one of her poems.  It was the first poem to ever ‘speak’ to me, the first that echoed some deep, inner sentiment of my own and translated it into solid words, clear, simple, beautiful.  All the other poems I had so far met were either fun or profound, incomprehensible or twaddle.  Mainly the latter two.

I opened up this poem without really reading the title and certainly without paying any attention to the author’s name.  (Or perhaps I should say the ‘poet’s’?)  (I find that poem titles can be awfully disappointing if not misleading so I’ve given up with them).

The title must have registered slowly, in that barely conscious way of mine, because it reminded me and made me smile.  And then I loved the words and thought that must share it with you all.  And then I read the poet’s name.

So here is another poem by Christina Rossetti.  She may have be referring to graceful swallows but I would like to be cheeky and dedicate the first verse to a slightly less refined but no less adorable Manky-bird.

It has been a good spring for blue tits; I hear them sing nearly every day, even from my bed and when I make it to the window or the balcony, I often see them flying past as there is now several (pairs, families?) living in the neighbourhood.  I always wonder who they are.  I always remember.

I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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