THAT Jumper

To all the dear, supportive people for whom it was not sufficient to merely hear my tale of knitting woe but for whom pictures were necessary, your wish was my command.

I present THAT Jumper…

THAT Jumper (somewhat oversized) Shaking the Overly Long, Overly Baggy Sleeves

(Oh, and in my defence, it only took me three months to make it).

9 thoughts on “THAT Jumper

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  1. I LOVE it. I’m sorry about the sleeves, but i agree about rolling them up. In fact, I think you can roll them and then gently stitch them that way so that it becomes a style thing.

    1. Thank you! Sadly one of the cast offs is also slightly unravelly so I don’t think it can really be worn, however much oversized jumpers come into fashion. I’m glad though that when my Dad died and it was going to be chucked that it came back to me. I think that I’ll take my Dad’s attitude and lay it up somewhere ‘special’. :)

      1. I always wondered about knitting. The closest I came was when I had a job making basketball nets by hand, a lifetime ago. Almost stopped reading until I figured out that it was about your dad. Very moving. A kind poem.

          1. Yes, I should have said it that way. And I see now, after rereading, that maybe it’s mostly about life. Anyway, it feels like a poem to me. Keep writing!

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