Memory Loss

Is there a word for forgetting what a word is?

You know, just a single word

A term, I think they call it

I can’t even remember the word for that

So how am I supposed to remember the word for forgetting words?


I think there must be a word for it

There always is

I remember a world of fancy words


A once upon a time world

That never was


I’m nostalgic but have little idea of how I arrived here

I can’t remember what I’m forgetting


4 thoughts on “Memory Loss

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  1. Fancy words (A once upon a time world/That never was)
    might well be forgotten in favor of simple, direct, honest ones–like “I can’t remember,” which is not easy for me to say (either) because I am afraid of being thought daffy, or of really being daffy.

    So I tell myself, let’s carry on anyway. But you, you’re doing just fine with words. Keep writing!

  2. Is it sad that I knew immediately that the word for missing words is “aphasia” even as I totally got the metaphor and beauty of that last broken statement?

    Also, I knew the word because I suffer from it. Watch me struggle to spit out a common every day word, and you’ll see me blather through synonym after synonym and launch into elaborate descriptions with no success.

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