My Body is a Two-Year-Old

‘I can’t sleep … it’s too light in here.’
‘I want a drink of water!’
‘I don’t like the dark.’
‘It’s too cold.’
‘The covers are too heavy.’
‘Now I need a wee!’
‘My leg hurts.’
‘Can I have another hot water bottle … pleeeeeeease?’
‘What was that noise?’
‘I don’t like the rain.’
‘My head hurts…’
‘No, I really need a wee… NOW!’
‘I can’t sleep … it’s too windy.’
‘My duvet smells funny.’
‘I can’t breathe.’
‘I’m thiiiiiirrrrrrrsty!’
‘I itch…’
‘My tummy hurts.’
‘Why’s the neighbour hammering at one in the morning?’
‘I want another drink of water.’
‘That draught hurts my ears.’
‘I can’t feel my fingers.’
‘I might be hungry.’
‘Does someone want to read me a story?’
‘My head hurts.’
‘I’m tired.”
‘I don’t like it here any more; can we go home now?’
‘I don’t like that shadow.’
‘Owww. My toenail just stabbed me!’
‘My pillow squeaks.’
‘I’m too hot now.’
‘Isn’t it time to get up yet?’
‘… my beaker’s empty…’
‘This is so booooooring.’
‘I’m so sore.’
‘There’s a lump in my mattress.’
‘My foot’s gone numb.’
‘What’s that flashing light?’
‘My neck’s a funny shape…’
‘I need another wee.’
‘That clock is really loud.’
‘I want a different pillow.’
‘I just want to go home…’


I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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