Expect Nothing

Wise words and a beautiful moment

My Pajama Days

Expect prompt

I’ve spent a lot of wasted time expecting people to be different.

Expecting them to be thankful or honest.

Expecting them to love unconditionally or be tolerant without question.

Expecting them to be compassionate, self-less or encouraging.

Expecting them to apologize.

But mostly, I think I’ve just spent a lot of wasted time being disappointed, time that would have been better spent giving wholly of myself without expecting anything in return.

As I crossed over the 40-something threshold a couple of years ago, my perspective changed. My focus became less about being and more about doing. My mind’s eye has finally partnered with my heart’s desire, working together to hopefully leave this world a better place than I found it and without any expectation of being recognized for my efforts.

Give without getting.

Forgive without an apology.

Trust without hesitation.

Help without judgement.

Love without condition.

The more I work…

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2 thoughts on “Expect Nothing

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  1. Haha! I finally get back to blogging and trying to catch up with my blogging friends, and the first thing I read on your site is my daughter’s post. Glad you liked it, though.

  2. Very beautiful moment. And the child’s words are so wise. Hers I don’t always agree with, I mean the first part–unless she is exaggerating to get our attention. Probably so. Anyway, I get inspired when reading things like this. Thanks for posting!

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