A Year On

Cold Blue Stare - Face of a Painted Gorilla Sculpture

This wasn’t what I was expecting.  It was meant to be all done and dusted by now.  Over it.  Getting back on with my life.  And it didn’t work out that way.  A whole year.  Where did it go?  What have I to show for it?  I don’t even think that I’ve made any progress.  A whole year.  Where did it go?  A whole year that I will never get back.


2 thoughts on “A Year On

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  1. I have looked here for reports, wondering.

    If electronic “friends” could share some of their year to make up for your loss, I would . But that’s my fantasy world. Your real one is . . . real. The yer is gone now. I won’t try to tell you to look ahead, eyes up, smiling into the weather. But if its OK with you I’ll pray for something like that

    (In case it might turn out to be a way to manage loss–i just don’t know, im sort of at a loss now myself, having returned home yesterday from a brief hospital stay. The heart hospital. I had an “attack” as we say. I am now officially tagged as a heart-diseased person. Ironic: My “heart” has been subject to many attacks, fortunately not all of them bad, thank goodness)

    Anyway, it is good for all of us–you too–that you, and we, keep writing, at least to ourselves. But it does help to have persons who listen, doesn’t it.

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