A great chasm hewn in the ground

Hard and deliberate, rectangular and right-angled, unnatural

Step to the edge, risk an unwelcome dive

Awkward landing, gut-wrenching pain

Deep and abyss-like, an eerie carcass

The wide curving steps were once an invitation, a touch of luxury

Now they’re at odds to everything, chipped on the edges

Like some sacrificial altar, wrought in reverse

Bowing to take the plunge

Descent instead of ascent, into the bowels, the pit

The cool crystallic walls

Feel hauntingly silent, like a snowy day

The echo and crackle under foot

The world above and outside is lost

An abandoned, redundant space

At once so empty yet so suffocating

Debris huddles in the corners, as if too afraid to let go of the edge

The fuzzy spray of some misplaced enthusiast

With a message to proclaim, little relevant and far from sight Who wanders with spray can in hand?

The child who drew on the wall?

Compulsed to leave a mark, tempted by any apparent canvas

Greedy for anywhere to leave a mark

Me, I see beauty in the blankness

Hurt by the angry ink marring the simple, the pristine

As if drawing a line under hope, potential, future

If only things could remain the same

Like a snapshot of sunnier times, water splashing

Simpler, innocent, blissfully ignorant

How cruel reality is, like this aching void

A reminder of what may have been, a threat of what will never be again

Can you drown in an empty pool?

2 thoughts on “Pull

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  1. Great setting for a poem! Thought-provoking title!

    I’m guessing that there are two meanings for “Pull” here : (1) a feeling of being, mysteriously drawn to (“pulled towards”) an empty swimming pool (2) a mispronounced version of “pool” that a frustrated street-youth (the kind who carries spray paint in order to vent his anger or insist on his identity) might use.

    I like the poem a lot. My only suggestion is to leave out the line that starts “How cruel reality is…” the hypnotic image of a vacant, defaced pool works by itself.

I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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