One Man’s Brave is Another’s Pie

Your challenge may well be another’s easy as pie
But then pies aren’t all made the same
Some people have to make it all themselves
Whilst others get it served up nice on a plate

Yet you get up and make one everyday
And that is where the bravery lies
However yesterday’s turned out, up you get
And you set to making what you can

Others wait for a slice to come their way
They don’t understand what goes in the making
Because they’re only in it for the eating
From a pretty plate and a dainty spoon

Please don’t compare your making and their eating
Nor is there any reason for you to be jealous
They are the ones who are missing out
Whilst you go on bravely learning, trying, doing

Your crust may have come together in tears
And there was goodness knows how many crises
But even pie tastes all the better for loving
Life is richer, sweeter when it’s made by you

Rise now and valiantly set to making today’s
No matter how yesterday went
Know that there will be pie by bedtime
And remember, my brave, pie is easy eating

I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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