My Hero

You are a hero. 

a person noted and admired for courageous acts or nobility of character

You are my hero. 

a person noted for special achievement in a particular field  

It was at one the National Trust places that we visited in Cheshire when we were helping a friend out.  So 2006.  Not long after we got married.  There were deer.  Maybe.  Might be the one where you walk around the back of the house.  Tudor windows.  Don’t remember doing the house.  Baking hot afternoon.  Brick-floored courtyard.  Pokey outbuildings.  Serving ice cream in one far corner on the outside.  Nothing amazing.  But ice cream.  In hindsight it was probably too firm ice cream rolled too tightly into too firm a ball then balanced on top of a cone.  Even the cup of a polystyrene cone wouldn’t have improved its chances.  From experience, in hindsight, I was tired.  But it still wouldn’t have stood much chance.  We hadn’t got far and mine just upped and threw itself on the floor.  I was devastated.  I expected a tirade of abuse.  About the waste.  About the ingratitude.  Comments about how stupid I was.  About everything ever not just this.  Comments about I’d ruined the entire day.  Huffs about how I couldn’t ever be bought an ice cream again.  Huffs about how I’d ruined you enjoying yours.  I felt so guilty and bad.  We didn’t have much money even then.  You went and queued up all over again and bought me another ice cream. 

I’d been whinging at you for at least a week that I wanted a iced bun.  How nowhere seems to do them here.  How I haven’t had one for months.  You tramped here and there to find one.  None.  I whinged even more.  But seriously, how important is it that I have an iced, yeasted bakery treat?  Not at all.  You were in Asda.  Kept an eye out.  Happened to notice a single, lone pack of iced buns.  And brought them home like tribute.  I felt like a queen. 

Thank you for taking a risk on me. 

a person who is brave and is willing to take risks  

I’m glad that we get to share the journey.

the main male character

I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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