PROMPT:- Quixotic

Yellow and Black Fourteen Spot Ladybird on White Daisy-like Flowers Tinged with Pale Pink and Big Yellow Raised Centres

A challenge put down by Sammi Scribbles

The word is quixotic

The word count is 26

It might sound like a Victorian term of quasi-illness but here’s an actual definition:-

impracticality in pursuit of ideals, especially those ideals manifested by rash, lofty and romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action

an idealism without regard to practicality

an impulsive person

– Wikipedia


When will I ever learn?
It isn’t to be so
A world where I create
And a neat and clean home
Not so

It also made me think of the lyric ‘the windmills of your mind’. My mind is definitely a turmoil. I wouldn’t like to think of myself as ‘rash’ though – who would?! But it’s not easy to find contentment when faced with so many limitations. Sometimes I have to reign myself back in and accept the very frustrating walls and barriers and just plain frailty. My dreams are certainly not lofty though. Do I crave a supposed ‘normal’? Perhaps. But that’s best left to dishwashers.

I'd love to know what you think, concrit is especially welcomed on fiction pieces. Thank you.

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