An Anthology of Life and Me

Altered Reality

The Art of Me

Amaranthine Me

At the Beach.  Sunny.

Bad News

Bruises, Bleeds and Breaks

Call Me Liar

Candy Floss Nights

The Caress of Water

Child of Uncertainty


Dark Night


Disordered Eating

The End of the World

Grief is like Sneezing

Heal Me with a Little Love

Heroes Yet Villains


I am a Little Meadow Flower

Il fait un temps de Toussaint

In My Dreams You’re Always There

I Type No More

I Want to be Your Bubble Wrap

Je ne regrette rien

Lost Friends

Love Letter to a Home that Never was

Memory Box

Memory Loss

Messing Around with Boats

The Missing


My Neighbour is a Werewolf

The Nature of Family

The Nature of Me

Neighbourhood Ditty

No Picnic for Teddy Bears

Not My Problem

October’s Me

One Man’s Brave is Another’s Pie

Philosophical Doggerel


Poverty without the Rose Tint



Rocks in My Baggage

Ship in a Bottle

A Small and Profound Couplet

Spectres to be Forgiven


This Side of My Skin


Untitled II

Untitled IV

A Verse

What’s in a Name?

When I am Dead, My Dearest

Why Should I Be Unhappy?

Words that I Don’t Say

You Break Me Every Time

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