Thank You Agujas!

Don't you love getting something in the post?  I mean, other than ominous missives from DWP and the bank or red-inked threats from the water board; for some reason, they're not particularly fun - they wreak havoc on my nervous system.  Sometimes, sometimes, something 'nice' comes in the post and that makes the postal system... Continue Reading →

I opened up this file and had a strong feeling of how I wanted to process the image.  At the time, I didn't know why, just that it would be a lot of work and concentration for my shaky fingers and foggy brain.  As I worked away, slowly rubbing away the colour from the figure... Continue Reading →

Because I can’t say it any better myself …

Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

One of the things I never realized about chronic illness is that it is easier to drive than it is to take a shower. If you see someone driving their car to an appointment, you might think they’re doing okay, but that person may have needed help to wash their hair that morning. And, by “morning”, I mean afternoon because it probably took a number of hours to get from waking to bathing.

I can drive myself to nearby appointments and I can talk for the whole time I’m there – half an hour sitting up with a doctor, an hour lying down with the physical therapist – but, if someone witnessed this, would they understand that I couldn’t write a blog post that day, I had to put on clothes in increments over the course of an hour, I had to rest in a dark, silent room immediately before…

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Busy Bee

[ there would be a picture here ] Are bees busy?  Well, what I mean is, why do we perceive bees to be busy?  Most bugs and bichos are notable for their state of activity rather than otherwise.  Take the ant.  Ants are industrious.  But maybe they aren't cute enough to enter popular colloquial speech?  (Are... Continue Reading →

A Shot of the Good Stuff

There are downsides to blogging.  You meet lots of new ideas.  It's happened before, I get led astray or someone makes me do something.  This time it's How Sweet It is' fault.  She made me do it!  Well, perhaps more accurately, there are some things that you have just got to try.  I like experiments.  I particularly... Continue Reading →

Blog Updates

As you may have already noticed, I've changed the 'look' of the blog.  Although I did this entirely accidentally, I rather like the new effect and therefore have gone through updating the rest of the pages too, trying to strike a little more of a positive, confident note in places. Let me know what you... Continue Reading →

The Other Questions

As I said the other day, I answered the wrong questions when Emily gave me the Liebster award.  So today, I'm back, hopefully answering the right questions this time.  It's also a nice excuse for a simple post after a long day and it might just stop me from crawling into my bed at half... Continue Reading →

Getting My Head Straight

I've had a little wobble psychologically but my head is back on track now but I have so much that I could write about!  (And, unfortunately, you can be sure that it involves knitting).  Anyway, for the time being, I'm going to catch up with an award that the very lovely Emily over at My... Continue Reading →

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