A Guide to Toast – for Husbands

It is a vital issue of grave importance.  How do you like your toast done?  I have to admit that I do like my bread 'lightly toasted', you know just as a hint of colour but with a toasted crispiness.  Husband, on the other hand, does not believe that bread is toasted unless it is... Continue Reading →

My Perfect Potato

For some people, the potato is king; it's there on every single plate of food they eat; 'oh it's so versatile, you can do so much with a potato!"  I don't get it.  Admittedly, I'm a pasta girl myself but the potato never really did anything for me.  After all, it's just so many variations... Continue Reading →

Finding Enough

It's something that I've always struggled with.  Is what I do enough?  Am I enough? There's a perfectionist streak that runs in me that demands great things from me, if not the impossible.  Then you've got to add in my paranoid streak and you realise that I'm a rather Joseph-coat kind of person, also known... Continue Reading →


Why is 'easy cook' long grain rice the hardest to cook? And takes the longest? Now, is that Murphy's Law or irony?

Looking Better – A Photo Retake

Here's a slightly more photogenic view of Australian Crunch:

The Runcible Spoon Returns

It turns out that runcible spoons (AKA cake forks) are also perfect for fish'n'chips; fork prongs to stab the chips with, sharper edge to cut into the batter.  Who said that they were just for posh people?!

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