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How Do You Like to Journey?

Life is all about journeys, metaphorical or otherwise.  Sometimes we don't even realise that we're on the journey and although some would prefer the comfort and control of a well thought out itinerary, some of the best, some of the most memorable, some of the most meaningful were never planned.  I have to admit that... Continue Reading →

Yarn Envy

Envy is an ugly word.  What it really means is that you want something that belongs to someone and not to content with just feeling that, you want to take it off them.  And technically, the yarn doesn't really belong to anyone else anyway; it's available to purchase but having a non-existent yarn budget, I... Continue Reading →

(Before you start questioning my morals or anything, just read the link.  Monogamy is difficult). Baby, don’t look at me that way | Yarn Harlot.

THAT Jumper

To all the dear, supportive people for whom it was not sufficient to merely hear my tale of knitting woe but for whom pictures were necessary, your wish was my command. I present THAT Jumper... (Oh, and in my defence, it only took me three months to make it).

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