Call Me Liar

Don't lie to yourself girl You're as broken as the rest Your stomach is just as knotted up Twisted up by all the stress You lie awake at night, waiting Always waiting You don't believe it'll all be OK Please don't lie to yourself girl

Poverty without the Rose Tint

Let me tell you about poverty, friend It isn't wishing you could put a little more aside each month To splash out on treats further down the line Your child won't think of asking for a bike When there's holes in their shoes that stopped fitting long ago Or when they've learnt not to say... Continue Reading →

I Type No More

I miss my fingers at the keys The sitting up straight The purposefulness Looking busy, sounding busy Click clack, clackety-clack Child's play at a typewriter How loud can you be How fast can you go Output measured by volume Click clack, clackety-clack We've raised an altar to busyness Worshipping its worthiness Building our world up... Continue Reading →

Rocks in My Baggage

You ask me why I'm carrying it all around You ask why I don't just put it down I point out the 'do not leave your baggage unattended' sign And I remind myself These are what I signed up for The responsibilities that I promised to But their load gets no easier And there's nowhere... Continue Reading →

This Side of My Skin

From a prompt, what does the world look like from your side of your skin? This side of my skin I don't know who I am either Or what I'm here to do I aspire to so much But all I really want is love Love and peace A simpler world Where I can learn... Continue Reading →

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