This is How It Works

Whatever you do, write it down! If it doesn't go to plan, come up with a new planIf it doesn't have a home, find it oneIf it falls, pick it up or rehome itIf it gets dirty, put it in the wash or in the showerIf it has a home, keep it thereIf it hurts,... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Anxiety – Autumn

In the autumnMy soul turns dampAnd with every fading hour of daylightThe last of my hope leaches from me.The world becomes smaller around meAs though everything is greying withinAs it is without, mouldering.And the fears rise up within me. Fears about how to pay the bills,How to cope with the damp and sog and mildew;... Continue Reading →

Reasons to Not Ask for Help

Everyone says 'embarrassment', right? And there is embarrassment but it's so much more than that too. Embarrassment is the easy word for it, a word that we can easily reach for and use for other people to understand. Of course, everyone gets embarrassed asking for help. That's seemingly normal. But is it actually embarrassment or... Continue Reading →

What Does it Mean?

Many years when we first started out with mobile phones and texting there was two camps. Both used the acronym 'LOL' in their messages but it meant very different things. You probably know at least one of those meanings, used it too. It's everywhere still. But there were whole communities using it completely differently. Over... Continue Reading →

Handknit Socks

Here's a poem by Pablo Neruda on handknit socks:- Mara Mori brought me a pair of socks which she knitted herself with her sheepherder's hands, two socks as soft as rabbits. I slipped my feet into them as if they were two cases knitted with threads of twilight and goatskin, Violent socks, my feet were... Continue Reading →

My Hero

You are a hero.  a person noted and admired for courageous acts or nobility of character You are my hero.  a person noted for special achievement in a particular field   It was at one the National Trust places that we visited in Cheshire when we were helping a friend out.  So 2006.  Not long after we got... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

​To all the teachers who thought that they were gods, thank for teaching me realism, even if that wasn't your intention  To all the teachers who only worked with their fauns, thank you for teaching me that flattery and adoration isn't the only way to get somewhere after all To all the teachers who thought... Continue Reading →

Two Monsters

Anxiety is the concern or worry that something bad may happen. It can be all consuming. OCD is the belief that unless you do or don't do something specific that something bad will happen. It can be all consuming. Both are miserable to live with. When I'm anxious, I like to straighten and tidy things... Continue Reading →

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