Want to Visit the Big Smoke?

This time last year, we country bumpkins got to gallivant in the Big Smoke, otherwise known as London.  The weather was, of course, abysmal most of the day but you can be sure that didn't stop me from taking photos! Want to take a walk around the city as pictured through a rather idiosyncratic lens?

The Day They Got it Right

I don't much trust weather forecasts, maybe because I am something of a sceptic when it comes to Science, it seems that Science has pretty much become the religion of the day with us mere mortals putting blind faith into the whims and translations and perspectives of Scientists.  I do not naturally go along with... Continue Reading →

Guess What II

Last month I posted an abstract photo of toasted cheese with Worcestershire sauce (isn't that the craziest word by the way?) and martinisandbonbons guessed right. Are you ready for another round? Can you guess what this is? All answers on a postcard!

In Search of a Palace

There is something very alluring about the word 'palace' isn't there?  Well, there is for me.  Castles are all well and good but they're usually somewhat at the harsh end of existence whereas palaces suggest exotic opulence and grandeur.  As such, these luxurious dwellings aren't really what I associate with this country.  Doesn't a palace... Continue Reading →

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