What Does it Mean?

Many years when we first started out with mobile phones and texting there was two camps. Both used the acronym 'LOL' in their messages but it meant very different things. You probably know at least one of those meanings, used it too. It's everywhere still. But there were whole communities using it completely differently. Over... Continue Reading →

Want to Visit the Big Smoke?

This time last year, we country bumpkins got to gallivant in the Big Smoke, otherwise known as London.  The weather was, of course, abysmal most of the day but you can be sure that didn't stop me from taking photos! Want to take a walk around the city as pictured through a rather idiosyncratic lens?

In Search of a Palace

There is something very alluring about the word 'palace' isn't there?  Well, there is for me.  Castles are all well and good but they're usually somewhat at the harsh end of existence whereas palaces suggest exotic opulence and grandeur.  As such, these luxurious dwellings aren't really what I associate with this country.  Doesn't a palace... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Holiday Accessory

I have to admit that I’m one of those delightful people who pack for all eventualities.  I love the idea of packing light, the freedom of just having one small bag slung on your shoulder.  No ridiculous charges on budget flights that rip you off more than if you flew business class.  The liberation of... Continue Reading →

Get Your Kicks

It was a catchy song, always had been, but they'd never heard it before.  The kind of song you can tap your feet to.  Or click your fingers.  Or whistle or hum.  Or sing again and again.  They played it one more time before drawing out a map unearthed from a forgotten corner of the... Continue Reading →

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