The Nature of Family

You, me Us or them Who decides? Who chooses? You, me Paper Blood Law You, me Us is all Loyalty And love


A Small and Profound Couplet

Jonah blubbered in the blubber And decided he was a land lubber

Messing Around with Boats

Row, row, row your boat Where it's never placid Scarily, scarily, scarily, scarily Life is like the rapids

When I am Dead, My Dearest

When I am dead, my dearest Write no sad posts for me Remove me from your friends list And wipe me from the ether Whether there are balloons or bears Abandoned and mildewing And if you want, remember And if you want, forget I shall not see the banalities I shall not miss any connection... Continue Reading →

The Art of Me

~ trigger warning ~   Beguiling art of mine Wondering science Oxide, tinny Drop by drop Waiting for it to pool Slow ooze Thickening Better for worse What price this Contradiction in the pain  

The Caress of Water

Life, death Cradle, grave Beginnings, endings Lost, found Adrift, belonging Redeeming, punishing Cooling, scalding Healing, destroying Vast, drop Death, life

Ship in a Bottle

Thing of wonder Talking point Focal point Apogee One moment taken Preserved forever Is it just the one Frozen in time Or a flotilla Smaller Moments But that ship has sailed Maybe sunk

The Missing

Out the door And never to return So I stand waiting Waiting and dreading If there had been goodbye I could have wished you well Told you how much you are loved And known for sure If you really meant to go I understand the need For greener pastures For somewhere safe So I hope... Continue Reading →

I am a Little Meadow Flower

I am a little meadow flower Slightly ragged Barely noticeable Sometimes called weed Lost almost In a field of many blooms Adding to the beauty Of the many But nothing on my own I take the soil Whatever's given me And make seed For the future For whoever follows That is all I am a... Continue Reading →

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