Otherwise known as oops, I did it again. What you may ask? Well, I've got a little bit of a radar for patterns and I was getting a little bit worried as October progressed because after October, November follows (naturally) and I haven't really got such a good track record when it comes to Novembers.... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game

What does being an adult, reaching maturity really mean?  I think that one of the most important definitions, if you will, or maybe criteria, is being able to take responsibility for yourself.  We are born helpless and within not so many years we are weaned, potty trained and have learnt to walk.  These are huge... Continue Reading →

Patterns and Disturbing Trends

Today's date is pretty cool.  10/11/12.  Maybe you've already had that date if you're in America, I'm not quite sure, where numbers start getting meaningful is where they also start getting too complicated for me.  I guess it would have been even cooler if I could have pressed publish at 08:09 or something but that... Continue Reading →

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