Keeping It Real

Photography is often used to capture an exact moment in time with almost scientific accuracy whereas an artist usually spends more time, carefully choosing and applying each brush stroke, one at a time, perfecting his own interpretation of the subject.  Whilst the artist is arguably least bound by reality, it is photography that misleads and... Continue Reading →

How Soon the Summer Flies

There is one thing that I really detest, it utterly does my swede.  Inaccuracy.  In this modern age of science, there's been plenty of research done into the faults or weaknesses of eyewitness testimony and I suppose that is the reason that one of the oldest law codes insists upon at least two or three... Continue Reading →

The Evil Audiologist Strikes Again

Yes, I was hoping to strike a small note of melodrama with that title.  I probably should have tried to work 'curse' into to it as well for best effect, in tribute to the melodramatic and wordy titles of 1930s graphic novels and detective stories, but I'm not quite sure how it sits with the... Continue Reading →

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