We live in a society that determines our value by our activity.  It is what we do rather than what we think or who we are that assigns our value, our status, our place in this world.  And the emphasis is on doing more, it's synonymous with achievement; the more we do, the more valuable,... Continue Reading →

Pursuing Perfection

Pursuing perfection is something like pursuing cities of gold or fountains of eternal youth.  For the most part, these idyllic utopian states are just figments of the imagination, a fantasy that drives us mad in its impossible pursuit. However, I do believe in trying.  Trying is something like that expedition, that journey in search of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Sometimes growth is about appreciating your own achievements, however small. Like this diminutive jalapeño (actual size 2 cm approx), it might not be a record winner but I grew that.  It even ripened on time unlike my earlier escapades with tomatoes, they eventually ripened in November.  In a summer that wasn't as good as it... Continue Reading →

Busy Blogging Week

Well I've had a slightly busy week blogging away.  I don't quite know how it's happened.  And I definitely can't say whether it might happen again! Here's some of this week's blogging achievements: I have written a whole (though how to write half a post eludes me!) five posts, I wrote an entire post without... Continue Reading →

Am I Really a Failure?

We have a tendency to oversimplify things at times, pigeon holing and stereotyping with the best of them.  This is how we stereotype a successful life: be popular, pass lots of exams, go to university, graduate, get a high earning career, get a house, have a big wedding, get a dog, have 2.5 children, spend... Continue Reading →

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