The Long and the Short of It

It is easy to think that whatever normal you have grown up with is ‘right’ but when you are married to someone who also thinks of their normal as 'right' too, well,  you’re bound to end up having a few domestic rumbles at one time or another.  And it’s often over the simplest of things,... Continue Reading →

You’d Never Guess …

... who has tomatoes still on the vine in November?  And this despite having gone with plants rather than seeds this year too! ... whose first pair of hand-knitted socks fit after all?

Old News

We found some old newspapers (parts of two) serving as insulation under the itchy coo in the loft so if you'd care to browse some of the articles making the news back in 1964 and 1956, I have pictures to share with you. The 1956 paper seems to be a copy of the Dispatch, possibly... Continue Reading →

Three Years and Counting

Sometimes three years can seem like an awfully long time.  Sometimes you're not quite sure where those three years went.  Sometimes you just don't know how you made it through those three years. It's been three years since everything went pear-shaped and you know what, I'm going to tell you a little about it.  I... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law #4

I haven't done one of this for a while.  Here you go: There is a tendency to write tinned food off as the depths of abysmal as well as plain unhealthy, if not dangerously so.  So yes whilst I'm sure a lot of is rank (any macaroni cheese that looks like it's in custard not... Continue Reading →

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