Release has obviously always been the plan.  I may sound like a bad bird-parent but release would mean having my sitting room back, a clean sitting room where I would be able to sit and knit or work on the computer without dodging poop and being pecked at (and that would also mean that you... Continue Reading →

Big and Little Personalities

The other day I saw an article ‘on the news’ (we read our news online, not having a television) about how they (whoever that may be) have just proven that chimpanzees or some other primate have personalities.  Um, excuse me?!  It’s 2012 and you’ve just found that out?!  I may be a bear of very... Continue Reading →

Bird Words

This is a follow-up to yesterday's wordless (mostly) post where I uploaded some of the photos of our baby blue tits from last week. My mind has been on the weather, following the emerging news stories from Mid Wales especially and reports from the flooded out Springwatch team.  They talk of severe 'summer' storms but... Continue Reading →

Birds without Words

Some photos from last week: Birdie - Blue Feisty - Red Manky - Yellow Sneaky - Orange Rocky - Green

And It All Ends in Tears

  I feel so guilty that I've struggled to write this update, it feels as if I'm admitting my criminal irresponsibility and negligence to the world.  And you know where to find me.  Did you know that it is a criminal offence to release either a hand reared or a casualty animal when it doesn't... Continue Reading →

More Breaking News

We think Rocky (unsurprisingly) and Birdie were the first out of the 'nest'.  Birdie suddenly seemed to put a sprint on and overtake his more developed siblings this last week. Sneaky has also flown now. Yes, three of them are out! They have flown out to the magnolia tree in a neighbour's garden.  Funny enough,... Continue Reading →

Breaking News

I'm sorry to bombard you with posts, especially if you've very kindly subscribed to have my posts delivered directly to your inbox, but this is breaking news that I just had to share.  First though, I'm sorry that there's no pictures but I'm a little behind with my processing but this is important. One bird... Continue Reading →

Birdy Rights, Wrongs and What Ifs

Intervention is a funny word, there’s a hint of positivity in it, as though you are somehow nobly going to the rescue, preventing something by your action.  Yet intervention is a dirty word.  You should never intervene in nature. But like most things in life, it’s not that black and white.  Man has a certain... Continue Reading →

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