It’s Been a Bad, Bad, Bad Day

Where do I start? This morning? When I got up at ten to eight so I could be ready by half past nine only to discover that it was now, for reasons that I really can never fathom, actually TEN to NINE? I don't do mornings at the best of times. I am very slow... Continue Reading →

A Day of Battle and of Bravery

~ Trigger Alert ~ It's funny how I try to move on so fast, I try to block or forget as soon as possible, perhaps to give me the strength and focus to deal with the immediate presence.  I'm also not entirely convinced that you want to hear tales of non-events in my insignificant and... Continue Reading →


It was meant to be a perfect portrait, an image of a happy couple with a happy, albeit probably not perfect, life.  Nothing too glossy, too shiny, too fake, too staged of course.  That wasn't their style.  But a happy couple who enjoyed good food, trips away and walks on the weekends and who eventually... Continue Reading →

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