Brownies Go Blond

Can you say Blueberry Blondie?  I can't.


Looking Better – A Photo Retake

Here's a slightly more photogenic view of Australian Crunch:

A Domestic Month

It's hard to believe that we're half way through February, the second month of the year.  I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that it's January 2013.  The weeks have flown past and I have been busy but again I'm bursting my own bubbles and believing that I haven't really accomplished... Continue Reading →

Would You Like to Come to Tea?

Once a month, me and my friends (I'm sorry but 'my friends and I' just sounds way too pretentious!) meet up to knit and crochet together.  We each take turns hosting it and the original idea was that we'd of course have a drink alongside (tea or coffee being somewhat obligatory in this country at... Continue Reading →

Bouncing Back

I am a lifelong pessimist, unfortunate but true.  I like to think of it as a protection, it means that I don't get my hopes up and therefore, am rarely disappointed.  If I think about it more carefully, I think actually a more accurate description would be 'realist'.  I like to take a realistic attitude. ... Continue Reading →

When Life Hands You Lemons and Other Baking Tales

I've been little busy of late, operating as per usual above my golden rule of 80% and paying for it accordingly in-between times.  For various reasons, I've found myself doing a lot of baking.  Now if you're looking for glowing, high-key images of glossy cupcakes and other high maintenance goodies, I think you need to... Continue Reading →

Muffin Love

Do you remember me mentioning that I'd baked a whole heap of muffins?  Well me being both busy and scatty of late, I just haven't got around to showing you my efforts so here you are: I don't see myself as a good cook, I'd lose too many marks on presentation and sometimes that seems... Continue Reading →

Apologies and an ABC

I've been very quiet the last week or so I know.  Sometimes the real world clamours for attention too!  Sometimes you just have a bad week where there's nothing creative simmering in your beleaguered brain cells.  (I think I have a few of those, honestly).  Sometimes you just have a bad week where you feel... Continue Reading →

It’s All Riding on How the Cake Turns Out

It's crazy but when I'm exhausted, stressed out and just plain overwhelmed by everything I go into the kitchen.  I take down my treasured recipe books (there are a few of these!) and start thumbing through.  Sometimes there's already a germ of an idea slowly taking root in my fogged out head.  It's usually baking,... Continue Reading →

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