A Shot of the Good Stuff

There are downsides to blogging.  You meet lots of new ideas.  It's happened before, I get led astray or someone makes me do something.  This time it's How Sweet It is' fault.  She made me do it!  Well, perhaps more accurately, there are some things that you have just got to try.  I like experiments.  I particularly... Continue Reading →

Being Led Astray

There is a little problem with blogging and meeting all those other bloggers out there in that virtual universe and that is influence.  Since blogging I've learnt a lot from all those varied blogs, met different ways of doing things and been tempted by all sorts of yummy recipes.  But the influence that you other... Continue Reading →

Busy Blogging Week

Well I've had a slightly busy week blogging away.  I don't quite know how it's happened.  And I definitely can't say whether it might happen again! Here's some of this week's blogging achievements: I have written a whole (though how to write half a post eludes me!) five posts, I wrote an entire post without... Continue Reading →

A World of Writers

I spent my childhood writing; from almost before I could form my letters but could pick up a crayon or pencil then I was telling stories.  It was what I did, as naturally as I breathed.  I made books.  Tiny slips of paper folded in on each other, carefully designed with stick men and wobbling... Continue Reading →

Can Anyone Explain Why …

I do use some slightly random and lesser known words which I can perfectly understand why WordPress's proofreader/spellcheck system would have a problem with.  Ignore, ignore, ignore.  No, that word is not just a figment of my imagination.  It also has problems with what it terms 'complex expressions'.  It thinks I'm wordy.  It also seems... Continue Reading →

Oh Dear …

... I don't seem to have done very well with my resolution to write regularly, have I?  I do feel very bad for neglecting this duty but then I ask myself: should regular blogging really be a 'duty' anyway?  This is something I'm meant to enjoy, a creative outlet for my random musings rather than... Continue Reading →

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