The Help Conundrum

Maybe it's the easiest thing in the world to say 'oh, if there's anything you need...' but what do we mean by that?  Do we mean anything other than that we're expressing a vague sentiment of fellow-feeling, sympathy, pity, interest, concern ...?  I don't know.  Maybe it's a bit like that other chestnut that we... Continue Reading →

I Want to be Your Bubble Wrap

I want to keep you safe, wrap you like a precious treasure I want to be your bubble wrap If only I could cushion you from the knocks and jars If only I could protect you from the world within and without I want to be your bubble wrap Yet should I label you 'handle... Continue Reading →


Our hearts are delicate, intricate organs, psychologically as well as physically.  We connect the heart with emotions and perhaps that is why it means so much to us; it's probably the first organ that we learnt to draw and likely the only one that we still do.  Our hearts connect with every part of the... Continue Reading →

Birdy Bulletin

There’re dangers in getting ‘too attached’.  But how can you avoid attachment?  Care is what motivated you to take action in the first place, to get involved.  Care is motivated by respect and interest in another being, whether that being is on the same scale as yourself or not.  Attachment is just when that care... Continue Reading →

Who Cares for the Carers?

Being a carer is something that I've written about before, about how it can be a much broader role than is first perceived, especially when we focus only on a professional home-help for the disabled or elderly.  Modern life likes things appropriately pigeon-holed and boxed but such attitudes rarely do justice to the reality nor... Continue Reading →

Space and Wings

I don't have children.  I'm not a parent.  But I think I understand a little of what parenting is like.  It's that level of responsibility for another being, a human being, one whom is vulnerable and dependent and with whom your heart is entirely bound up.  Sometimes you get that feeling in an adult to... Continue Reading →

Who’s a Carer?

Carer has become a job title, it's a professional role played by someone who specifically comes into your life and house to care for you in a physical way.  Carer forgets the original verb; it's about caring, someone who cares about you and for you.  This is what being a carer truly means. We probably... Continue Reading →

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