Testimony from a Bad Day

This is a post that I wrote many months ago when I was really struggling, it never got posted for some reason.  Today, I'm struggling again and fearing what that means. Whilst I cannot pick out the threads that Depression weaves through my life and thoughts, I am very aware of the limitations that ME... Continue Reading →

FO: Deceptive Pastels

Why do we put babies in pastel colours?  We, as a society, have an obsession with baby blue and baby pink (gender dependent) with splashes of white and an occasional foray into mint and primrose.  Who got to decide that these colours were what babies would wear forever?  And when?  In Good Wives (I think),... Continue Reading →

Ups and Downs

I hate it when the beast of fatigue drags me down for there is no resisting that monster, I am out for the count until it chooses to release me again.  Neither does it operate on a civilised timetable either, it can sneak up at any hour, night or day.  In my case, after a... Continue Reading →

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