What’s in a Name?

I see the letters that you have formed Wobbling but firm And I sense pride in your identity But you are more than a collection of letters They are not you; you are more I could tell you of places Where you would have your mother's name Or be someone's daughter or someone's son Or... Continue Reading →


A Tear

I am sad because I long for those fleeting good times and I wish that I might get them back, so that I could make them better, stronger, happier - anything just to show how much I cherish them.  I wish I could bottle them up and just live that life. But the most precious... Continue Reading →

The Nature of Me

What is me? A shadow or a being? Something lost or something to be found? If at birth I am me Then once I was me But now? Who is me? If at death I am me Then I am not yet me Then what of now? Is me just a hope or dream? Something... Continue Reading →

Things I Miss

The Big Things     My friends The seasons The weather       The Small Things     Being part of something Being there for someone Coming and going as I please Doing something on the spur of the moment Doing things just because Doing things for myself Having things to look forward to

Philosophical Doggerel

I see the moon The moon sees me Two faces connect Across time and distance I see the moon Wherever I go A familiar face Something constant But does the moon see me? Does she miss me? Does she seek my face? Am I too changeable? I see the moon I hope the moon sees... Continue Reading →

Blog Updates

As you may have already noticed, I've changed the 'look' of the blog.  Although I did this entirely accidentally, I rather like the new effect and therefore have gone through updating the rest of the pages too, trying to strike a little more of a positive, confident note in places. Let me know what you... Continue Reading →

A Book Revolution

‘Revolution’ is probably the best word for it; it’s a real change of scene, a shake up and one that may only be welcomed with a rallying cry by a certain demographic, a particular group or even a minority.  Revolution is not a wind of change, a tide change in the sea of mankind, something... Continue Reading →

Different Generation, Different Technology, Different Language

One of my youngest friends was sitting the other day, scribbling away at her magnetic sketching board.  When I was her age, or older in fact, they were rare as anything, virtually unheard of.  Now they're as common as anything and every child seems to have at least one. Despite the chunky, pixellated, gritty images... Continue Reading →

Where is Literacy Going?

Literacy is a fancy 'posh' word for reading, popularised as an essential skill by the term 'the three Rs'.  The essential skills of reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic.  It was the Victorians who decided that every child needed these skills to survive in the modern civilised world.  Some would argue that we now live in an... Continue Reading →

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