Heroes Yet Villains

Once upon a time, when we were young The heroes were white and pure Stood apart, tall and strong When did we raise them? So they would always be taller? Did we make them or did they make us? Their gold glittered at us Sunlight or human natyre? But it was only there to fill... Continue Reading →

In My Defence

Once upon a time I learnt to knit. Or I tried to, anyway. I'm not sure why I decided to ask a friend to show me how it worked.  Perhaps I was just taking an interest in her hobby, which sounds a little shallow or something, but I long ago learnt that most people have... Continue Reading →

Candy Floss Nights

(Candy Floss Abstract - I cannot upload, process or post photos at the moment because the gremlins won.  This is the photo you would be seeing). Soft, magical Spun strands Pretty pink Floating Pegged up High, out of reach Attached to the mundane (Sock dryers, of all things) Yet still fantastical Whimsical Alluring But so... Continue Reading →

My Perfect Potato

For some people, the potato is king; it's there on every single plate of food they eat; 'oh it's so versatile, you can do so much with a potato!"  I don't get it.  Admittedly, I'm a pasta girl myself but the potato never really did anything for me.  After all, it's just so many variations... Continue Reading →

Shameful Little Secret

(Imagine a picture of a window here please.  I had lots on my now broken hard drive). Why and how does self-expression become something shameful?  Is there a moment, possibly somewhere between toddlerhood and childhood, where you perceive an expectation, a sense of ‘normal’ and yield to conform to it?  Why conform to a selective... Continue Reading →

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