Finding Enough

It's something that I've always struggled with.  Is what I do enough?  Am I enough? There's a perfectionist streak that runs in me that demands great things from me, if not the impossible.  Then you've got to add in my paranoid streak and you realise that I'm a rather Joseph-coat kind of person, also known... Continue Reading →

Why Not?

It turns out that I have discovered the most dangerous words in the entire Universe, two innocent little words that when used in conjunction tend to have serious consequences. A lot of people have picked up on the dreaded 'what if'; 'what if' can be used looking forward or looking back but there is always... Continue Reading →

It’s a Cake

... and it's green, guacamole green.  I love food colouring.  I like making cake to share too.  I'm glad this one is going to be put to good use after all; it's going off with a friend for her last day at work!

Paper and Ribbon

I'm learning to express myself creatively and to try to feel fairly confident that I can be too! And I'm daring to throw out off-cuts off ribbon and even stuck the tape on the outside (don't ask). So it might just be paper and ribbon but it feels like I'm making progress. Related Posts Pursuing... Continue Reading →

I Now Have More Questions

I have just bought a new book.  (But a completely different version of that).  On knitting.  My husband wanted to know why I need another knitting book but I actually don't have that many.  Truthfully. I bought this one because it was a) reduced, b) had good pictures and c) promising to bring me enlightenment when it comes... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Real World

When speccy spoke of pacing the other day, my entire being sighed and nodded knowingly in agreement.  You see, pacing is something of a ‘buzz’ word in chronic illness.  Although it’s not some magical cure-all or panacea, it does rather let the ‘experts’ off the hook.  The responsibility is handed firmly back to the patient,... Continue Reading →

Blog Updates

As you may have already noticed, I've changed the 'look' of the blog.  Although I did this entirely accidentally, I rather like the new effect and therefore have gone through updating the rest of the pages too, trying to strike a little more of a positive, confident note in places. Let me know what you... Continue Reading →

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