Why is 'easy cook' long grain rice the hardest to cook? And takes the longest? Now, is that Murphy's Law or irony?

A Shot of the Good Stuff

There are downsides to blogging.  You meet lots of new ideas.  It's happened before, I get led astray or someone makes me do something.  This time it's How Sweet It is' fault.  She made me do it!  Well, perhaps more accurately, there are some things that you have just got to try.  I like experiments.  I particularly... Continue Reading →

An Award, Some Nominees and A Few More Birdy Thoughts

Now, wasn't that a nice, succinct title?! A few days ago Jester Queen nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award which I mentioned in a previous post and today I'm back to fulfil a few more criteria. First up, I have to share seven things about myself that I haven't previously shared.  Hm, what can... Continue Reading →

Some Sunshine

When the day dawns bright and sunny, your soul warms and your spirit soars.  I have hope and optimism again, I want to do so much inspired by the sunshine and also motivated to make the most of whatever passing rays come my way.  But sometimes the mind is bright and active whilst the body... Continue Reading →

The ‘S’ Word

I said yesterday that my husband has a stew phobia.  Yes, that it the dreaded 's' word in the house.  The word will bring him out in a rash sooner than the threat of half a dozen other scary ingredients going into a dish.  Stew.  The problem is that stews are actually quite a handy... Continue Reading →

It’s All Riding on How the Cake Turns Out

It's crazy but when I'm exhausted, stressed out and just plain overwhelmed by everything I go into the kitchen.  I take down my treasured recipe books (there are a few of these!) and start thumbing through.  Sometimes there's already a germ of an idea slowly taking root in my fogged out head.  It's usually baking,... Continue Reading →

Family Food

Food ties families together, it is literally their lifeblood but it's so much more.  The passing on of recipes and techniques cement relationships and culture.  The dinner table is a place to share and love, and to laugh about those infamous cooking disasters.  Food is precious as are those we love. It's funny how I... Continue Reading →

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