Neighbourhood Ditty

One police car, two police car Everybody's screaming Three police car, four police car It's going to be a long day

My Neighbour is a Werewolf

My neighbour is a werewolf He isn't keen to go to bed He'd rather be up and howling But he likes mornings even less They're a reason to howl Maybe he'd rather wide plains Or some very vast forest But he isn't happy cooped up It's another reason to howl We're going to watch the... Continue Reading →

Grateful for the Fire

Coping strategies.  There’s something inherently wrong with that expression.  Strategy, well, you need a clear head and a good idea of what the playing field is for that.  Coping, well, that implies a little too strongly successful management.  But the reality is that coping is just another word for surviving.  We bury our heads in... Continue Reading →

It’s All Riding on How the Cake Turns Out

It's crazy but when I'm exhausted, stressed out and just plain overwhelmed by everything I go into the kitchen.  I take down my treasured recipe books (there are a few of these!) and start thumbing through.  Sometimes there's already a germ of an idea slowly taking root in my fogged out head.  It's usually baking,... Continue Reading →

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