Seasonal Anxiety – Autumn

In the autumnMy soul turns dampAnd with every fading hour of daylightThe last of my hope leaches from me.The world becomes smaller around meAs though everything is greying withinAs it is without, mouldering.And the fears rise up within me. Fears about how to pay the bills,How to cope with the damp and sog and mildew;... Continue Reading →

Dark Night

drop drop go the tears in the lonely night when all are asleep     tick tick goes the clock in the pixelated night never-ending     clunk clunk goes the meter in the clamorous night no silence, no peace     flash flash goes a light in the overwhelming night nuisance not beacon  ... Continue Reading →


My heart howls It weeps for lost things It sighs for past things It beats, it loves My heart howls I'm not a Braveheart, a Lionheart I'm just an everyday heart I beat, I love My heart howls It clocks the shortening nights And wants to set everything to rights It beats, it loves My... Continue Reading →

How Soon the Summer Flies

There is one thing that I really detest, it utterly does my swede.  Inaccuracy.  In this modern age of science, there's been plenty of research done into the faults or weaknesses of eyewitness testimony and I suppose that is the reason that one of the oldest law codes insists upon at least two or three... Continue Reading →

World of Darkness

I know that this may seem a little contradictory to what I was talking about yesterday but today I'm going to talk about darkness and how I've been absolutely hating it.  Now the difference is that I'm not talking about darkness as some fearsome monster that allows baddies and monsters to hide but instead as... Continue Reading →

Life’s Little Luxuries

I know I've written recently about wants and needs and our perspectives on them but it's a recurring theme.  Well, life doesn't just stop and it never seems to go easy either, at least not my one. Another aspect to this wants and needs thing is how people seem to be increasingly seeing things as... Continue Reading →

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