A Day of Battle and of Bravery

~ Trigger Alert ~ It's funny how I try to move on so fast, I try to block or forget as soon as possible, perhaps to give me the strength and focus to deal with the immediate presence.  I'm also not entirely convinced that you want to hear tales of non-events in my insignificant and... Continue Reading →

Progress Report

Me I am not an hysteric, I just don't like the dentist.  At all.  I died.  I'm sure.  And have had my face, skull and jaw completely reshaped courtesy of some wrestling moves by the dentist guy, that's why they make you wear those safety goggles you know, so that they can spend an hour... Continue Reading →

A Visit to the Dentist

I don't like the dentist.  It's not personal.  It's not the person after all but their job.  Though why they'd want a job like that I don't know, hated by everyone, torturing poor innocent people day in, day out.  Maybe the Inquisition isn't recruiting at the moment.  In a moment of reckless abandon, I might... Continue Reading →

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