On Poetry

It perhaps says quite a lot about me that I only get around to talking about National Poetry Month on the last day of the month.  However, it does seem to have taken everyone else to the middle of the month to realise it too.  So maybe I'm only two weeks behind after all. I... Continue Reading →


Where is Literacy Going?

Literacy is a fancy 'posh' word for reading, popularised as an essential skill by the term 'the three Rs'.  The essential skills of reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic.  It was the Victorians who decided that every child needed these skills to survive in the modern civilised world.  Some would argue that we now live in an... Continue Reading →

Laws of the Universe

I remember learning about several laws of the universe when I was at school, two of them in fact.  Maybe there are more but those are the two I know about and 'learnt'.  (If you could place yourself in the shoes of any of my science teachers then you'd no doubt be impressed that I... Continue Reading →

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