What’s in a Name?

I see the letters that you have formed Wobbling but firm And I sense pride in your identity But you are more than a collection of letters They are not you; you are more I could tell you of places Where you would have your mother's name Or be someone's daughter or someone's son Or... Continue Reading →


The Nature of Family

You, me Us or them Who decides? Who chooses? You, me Paper Blood Law You, me Us is all Loyalty And love

Disordered Eating

Always clear your plate Here , have some more Always say thank you Don't you know the trouble I went to? Eat up, eat up Otherwise you won't grow big and strong There's children in Africa starving Or there was once a war, you know Are you spoilt or ungrateful? Never waste food It's so... Continue Reading →

In My Defence

Once upon a time I learnt to knit. Or I tried to, anyway. I'm not sure why I decided to ask a friend to show me how it worked.  Perhaps I was just taking an interest in her hobby, which sounds a little shallow or something, but I long ago learnt that most people have... Continue Reading →

Domestic Loss

Home is such an important thing.  There are those who try to confine its definition within four walls or a place on a birth certificate yet home is much more than just those simple, physical concepts.  Home is a sentiment.  Those who feel it find something very precious indeed, a sense of belonging, of safety... Continue Reading →

I Dream

Do I dream?  There are the terrifyingly real nightmares that drag me down into an abyss of muddled darkness where the images and thoughts of my mind labour through an Escher-like treacle, flashbacks and subtle reminders from the subconscious attempting to make sense of the crazy, messed up world that I live in.  I skip... Continue Reading →

Black Clouds Gathering

~ Trigger Alert! ~ For some it seems incomprehensible that a young girl, a child, in a white cotton socks, an unfurrowed brow and pigtails could ever be Depressed.  Depression is earned by the deserving, those who have traversed a difficult lifetime of tragedies.  But even then our sympathy does tend to be limited, after... Continue Reading →

The ‘S’ Word

I said yesterday that my husband has a stew phobia.  Yes, that it the dreaded 's' word in the house.  The word will bring him out in a rash sooner than the threat of half a dozen other scary ingredients going into a dish.  Stew.  The problem is that stews are actually quite a handy... Continue Reading →

How do Cousins Work?

I've been involved in a few debates in recent times for the correct terms for cousins once you go beyond the simple 'cousin' as in daughter/son of an uncle/aunt stage.  What do you call the daughter/son of a cousin?  Or a cousin of a cousin?  There's all sorts of numbers involved (always guaranteed to get... Continue Reading →

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