Some Fashion ‘Rules’ – Or are They Just Opinions?

Like so many things, and contrary to whatever the ‘experts’ may say, fashion is subjective.  Highly subjective.  Fashion might be dictated by a ‘them’ of mythological, cult status but really it should come down to our own taste and style.  Style cannot be achieved by the whims and fads of following every bandwagon.  At best... Continue Reading →


FO: Deceptive Pastels

Why do we put babies in pastel colours?  We, as a society, have an obsession with baby blue and baby pink (gender dependent) with splashes of white and an occasional foray into mint and primrose.  Who got to decide that these colours were what babies would wear forever?  And when?  In Good Wives (I think),... Continue Reading →

Images from a Sunshiny Day

  A little bit of sunshine, however small, is always an excuse (or maybe a motivation?) to get some washing done and out.  I'm feeling such a lot better physically that I'm starting to dream of all sorts of wonderful things that I could get done but seeing as I had to put today's (small)... Continue Reading →

FO: The Lunchbox Project

The knitting bug really has me smote at the moment.  My physical health is a little better at the moment and I’m just so enjoying being able to do creative things again.  It’s one of the things that I really miss when I’m ill, not being able to express myself or entertain myself.  Being ill... Continue Reading →

Pushing My Sympathies

I'm prepared to tolerate most people and their idiosyncrasies, hey I have a few of my own after all, but there are a few situations where I find it pushed beyond its limits. The first circumstance.  A woman who walks into a crowded room with a baby asleep in a car seat.  And then promptly... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Holiday Accessory

I have to admit that I’m one of those delightful people who pack for all eventualities.  I love the idea of packing light, the freedom of just having one small bag slung on your shoulder.  No ridiculous charges on budget flights that rip you off more than if you flew business class.  The liberation of... Continue Reading →

These Boots were Made for Walking

I look down at my boots, just a pair of boots, and wonder.  I look at that photo on my blog of my boots, just a pair of boots, and wonder.  Today when I look at them I see more cracks, more scrapes than when that photo was taken and when I'm as tired as... Continue Reading →

Rising Hemlines

I was reading a post on another blog recently with some sage advice for skirt length.  Apparently only dowdy country bumpkins insist on wearing short skirts, more practical in the countryside naturally, whilst the modistes of the city stick to the correct and fashionable longer length, a length which of course requires you to demurely... Continue Reading →

Bring on the Cake

Although I don't have much of a sweet tooth, no honestly I don't, I don't see why the world seems to have united against cake and other puddings.  Sin may be unfashionable but the last remaining one is pudding, sweet stuff.  Cookbooks no longer have dessert chapters.  Healthy eating fanatics frown on anything but fruit... Continue Reading →

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