Dark Night

drop drop go the tears in the lonely night when all are asleep     tick tick goes the clock in the pixelated night never-ending     clunk clunk goes the meter in the clamorous night no silence, no peace     flash flash goes a light in the overwhelming night nuisance not beacon  ... Continue Reading →

Inside Out

~ Trigger Alert ~ Tall, skinny, fair ... I had it all.  The only problem was that those adjectives only applied in my family; anyone over five foot and less than a size eighteen qualified.  To the rest of the world, what was I?  What am I? I've always struggled to see myself from the... Continue Reading →


My heart howls It weeps for lost things It sighs for past things It beats, it loves My heart howls I'm not a Braveheart, a Lionheart I'm just an everyday heart I beat, I love My heart howls It clocks the shortening nights And wants to set everything to rights It beats, it loves My... Continue Reading →

Facing Fear

I saw a beautiful thing on the Internet: a boy who has been blind since the age of two skateboarding. Now I have been on a skateboard, as a teenager, aided by my best friend who thought everyone could stand on a thin plank of plyboard on wobbly wheels at the top of a hill... Continue Reading →

Water Babies

What is it with the sea? We sat watching the sea-green waves roll in, continuously  never-ending, entranced. The waves were high but not fierce, despite the windy day; perhaps the curve of the bay broke some of their force because it was likely choppy further out. The waves at our local beaches behave very differently, the... Continue Reading →

Why Not?

It turns out that I have discovered the most dangerous words in the entire Universe, two innocent little words that when used in conjunction tend to have serious consequences. A lot of people have picked up on the dreaded 'what if'; 'what if' can be used looking forward or looking back but there is always... Continue Reading →

Am I Setting Myself Up for Failure?

Goals are targets.  Targets are things that get missed. Sitting myself down and deciding what I want to plan for and aim for just seems utterly pointless to me.  I know that I will fail and having a list etched in black and white as tangible proof of just what I set out to do... Continue Reading →

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