The Missing

Out the door And never to return So I stand waiting Waiting and dreading If there had been goodbye I could have wished you well Told you how much you are loved And known for sure If you really meant to go I understand the need For greener pastures For somewhere safe So I hope... Continue Reading →


Memory Box

A lifetime poured into a plastic box At once careless and desperate A bulwark against forgetting In case the things that were are the less for having been An evidence locker of having loved and laughed Relics of things past and not likely to be repeated This was then, this was here, more bittersweet than... Continue Reading →

Dark Night

drop drop go the tears in the lonely night when all are asleep     tick tick goes the clock in the pixelated night never-ending     clunk clunk goes the meter in the clamorous night no silence, no peace     flash flash goes a light in the overwhelming night nuisance not beacon  ... Continue Reading →

Inside Out

~ Trigger Alert ~ Tall, skinny, fair ... I had it all.  The only problem was that those adjectives only applied in my family; anyone over five foot and less than a size eighteen qualified.  To the rest of the world, what was I?  What am I? I've always struggled to see myself from the... Continue Reading →


My heart howls It weeps for lost things It sighs for past things It beats, it loves My heart howls I'm not a Braveheart, a Lionheart I'm just an everyday heart I beat, I love My heart howls It clocks the shortening nights And wants to set everything to rights It beats, it loves My... Continue Reading →

Facing Fear

I saw a beautiful thing on the Internet: a boy who has been blind since the age of two skateboarding. Now I have been on a skateboard, as a teenager, aided by my best friend who thought everyone could stand on a thin plank of plyboard on wobbly wheels at the top of a hill... Continue Reading →

Water Babies

What is it with the sea? We sat watching the sea-green waves roll in, continuously  never-ending, entranced. The waves were high but not fierce, despite the windy day; perhaps the curve of the bay broke some of their force because it was likely choppy further out. The waves at our local beaches behave very differently, the... Continue Reading →

Why Not?

It turns out that I have discovered the most dangerous words in the entire Universe, two innocent little words that when used in conjunction tend to have serious consequences. A lot of people have picked up on the dreaded 'what if'; 'what if' can be used looking forward or looking back but there is always... Continue Reading →

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