WOE: Going for Gold

I am afraid that you're all going to have indulge me and put up with a whopping entry from me this week, I have been very good recently about respecting the word counts but this piece wanted to be a little larger.  I'm not sure yet how large because I actually wrote it down by... Continue Reading →


Trifecta: Normal

He bit excitedly into the apple, savouring the sweet juiciness even as it dribbled down his chin.  In his head, the world paused and focused on the delicious tastes and textures of the treat but his feet kept pace with the dirty, ragged shoal of boys as they twitched and swirled from one mischief to... Continue Reading →

WOE: Forbidden

He pushed open the heavy door and made his way to the counter, his motions as routine as brushing his teeth.  He glanced over the counter although he knew what he would order and the girl behind smiled at him, recognising a regular customer.  The early morning rush was over and done with and neither... Continue Reading →

WOE: Sand

The beach was clear of people, the dank weather was keeping people away, but she hunkered down between the dunes staring out at the sea beyond, running her hands across the cold sand, appreciating the moment of isolation.  She had played and lounged on this beach in and out of season all the years of... Continue Reading →

WOE: To the Moon

He had been so proud of her that first day, watching her pick out the perfect outfit and making up a packed lunch for her, hearing the shake of nerves in her voice and sending a text message at lunchtime just to make sure all was well.  He was the one who believed all along... Continue Reading →

Trifecta: Thunder

The constant noise hammering into the soul. The shock and shudder of the whizz-bangs overhead. The overpowering stench burning in the nostrils. The seeping mud that oozed into everything. But they sat idle waiting for orders. Shortly though the word would come from up the line. The thunder of the big guns.

WOE: Core

The last time he visited it had been early fall, the first of the cooler days, and as usual, Ma Alwright had been sitting in her rocker, feet on the railing, watching the world go by.  As he climbed the increasingly rickety steps to the porch, he passed the steady line of apple cores balanced... Continue Reading →

Trifecta: Confidence

She carefully spooned the sauce over the pasta before carefully balancing an artful sprig of basil on top then studied the result, her perfectionist streak and pride gratified yet still wondering whether she was going to ridiculous lengths to please.  She carried the dish over to the table and placed it meticulously centre on the... Continue Reading →

Trifexta: Letter of Apology

Brevity is not my strong point so this weekend's Trifextra is definitely going to be a challenge: a letter of apology in a mere 33 words.  I think most of my sentences come in around that word count.  Here goes: ~ Dear Grandma I'm sorry about hitting your guests with a bat; I just wanted... Continue Reading →

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