FO: Why Not?

I made these many months ago but I just haven't been able to keep with my posting this year.  They're another project from Susie Johns' Knitted Fast Food; details for this project are also on my Ravelry page.

FO: My Kind of Summer Shawl

Do you remember that I said that I had knit up a new shawl over the summer?  I just haven't got around to showing you the photographs and telling you about it, it's the story of my blogging life.  I have plenty of ideas (especially in the middle of the night!) but life just gets... Continue Reading →

FO: Some Other Things That I’ve Made

Details on my Ravelry page

You’d Never Guess …

... who has tomatoes still on the vine in November?  And this despite having gone with plants rather than seeds this year too! ... whose first pair of hand-knitted socks fit after all?

FO: It’s a Pair!

The trouble with socks is that there are two of them.  Now you might think that this is a good thing, except when only one reappears after washing.  It's also not such a great thing when it comes to the knitting of them.  If one sock is scary then the second one is twice as... Continue Reading →

FO: A KAL Involving (Too) Many Stitches and Some Beading

I am a bear of very little brain, I am slow and can't count.  This thwarts my knitting ambitions.  Although to be strictly truthful, I haven't really done ambition for a while.  Whilst the past calls to me, I've always had trouble facing the future and find it hard to envisage it in concrete terms... Continue Reading →

FO: The Lunchbox Project

The knitting bug really has me smote at the moment.  My physical health is a little better at the moment and I’m just so enjoying being able to do creative things again.  It’s one of the things that I really miss when I’m ill, not being able to express myself or entertain myself.  Being ill... Continue Reading →

FO: Butterfly Stripes Baby Set

Babies seem to be like buses.  They all come along at once.  Other friends of ours have also recently hatched. There are reasons why it takes nine months for a baby to hatch.  It’s so that knitters get a chance to knit whatever they’re plotting to foist upon the unsuspecting, innocent wee victim. I hadn’t... Continue Reading →

FO: Was Going to Be, Now Is …

As you know, my knitting repertoire for many years has consisted of baby bootees.  Just bootees and not much else.  Whilst bootees do at least hold the interest slightly better than garter stitch scarves, there are limitations to them. They limit me.  I don’t want to spend the rest of my life only being a... Continue Reading →

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