What Does it Mean?

Many years when we first started out with mobile phones and texting there was two camps. Both used the acronym 'LOL' in their messages but it meant very different things. You probably know at least one of those meanings, used it too. It's everywhere still. But there were whole communities using it completely differently. Over... Continue Reading →

Vintage Buttons

Last summer I was working on a knitting project and I needed buttons.  Lots of buttons.  Preferably cute ones.  So I asked around my friends to see if they had any they could donate.  One friend gave me a box full of buttons; unfortunately most of those were way too big for what I was... Continue Reading →

Want to Come on Another Jaunt?

I can't believe that this was three months ago already, this week we're going back to the hospital for another check up.  The appointment is, of course, not mine, I'm just the navigator.  But I've got to meet and make friends with two lovely people, friends of a good friend of mine, and we had... Continue Reading →

A Domestic Month

It's hard to believe that we're half way through February, the second month of the year.  I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that it's January 2013.  The weeks have flown past and I have been busy but again I'm bursting my own bubbles and believing that I haven't really accomplished... Continue Reading →

Real Friends …

... ask you to the beach. ... tell you that you don't need to bring your deckchair because they have one in the boot that you can use.  (Even though everyone else is sitting on picnic blankets on the floor). ... tell you to bring both sticks.  You ask how they know that you have... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

For my first foray into the world of photo prompts, I'm cheating.  I'm using an old photo because it just says it so well.  Well, I think it does anyway.  So apologies if you just think it's just not cricket but at least I'm trying.  (Very trying, my husband would say). Together Together.  It's a... Continue Reading →

Apologies and an ABC

I've been very quiet the last week or so I know.  Sometimes the real world clamours for attention too!  Sometimes you just have a bad week where there's nothing creative simmering in your beleaguered brain cells.  (I think I have a few of those, honestly).  Sometimes you just have a bad week where you feel... Continue Reading →

Real Friends Don’t

Real friends don't just stick around for the good times. Real friends don't just call you when they want something. Real friends don't get embarrassed about being seen with you. Real friends don't help then complain about how much you put them out. Real friends don't wait for you to call them. Real friends don't... Continue Reading →

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