Parenting Issues

I think we have teenagers in the house.  You can recognise the signs.  Teenagers come in various distinctive forms but teenagers they are.  There are the ones who pull their hair across their faces, who skulk in the corners and deep recesses of life and who are awkward in their shyness.  That’s Rocky.  Dependent but... Continue Reading →


There's been a lot of fog here of late but whether I'm talking metaphysically or not is for you to decide!  Days that don't even dawn, just a lightening of the grey swirling cloud that has descended to roam our streets, chilling our bones and refusing to let any washing dry.  Fog which eats away... Continue Reading →

It’s All Riding on How the Cake Turns Out

It's crazy but when I'm exhausted, stressed out and just plain overwhelmed by everything I go into the kitchen.  I take down my treasured recipe books (there are a few of these!) and start thumbing through.  Sometimes there's already a germ of an idea slowly taking root in my fogged out head.  It's usually baking,... Continue Reading →

Life is a Rollercoaster

Life is a rollercoaster, so they say.  It's comparing life with one of those traditional, perhaps even slightly old-fashioned, Big Dipper style rollercoasters with their flowing curves and wooden structures.  The ups and downs.  I wouldn't mind if life could have a few more ups because sometimes there are only seems to be downs. Oh... Continue Reading →

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