Charity Shop Finds

I love charity shops.  I'm a bargain hunter.  I'm a hater of waste.  I'm a lover of giving new life to old things.  But.  But none of my local charity shops sell secondhand knitting needles and when they do sell wool/yarn, it's just basic acrylic, new and pretty expensive actually.  And as for the patterns,... Continue Reading →

In Search of a Palace

There is something very alluring about the word 'palace' isn't there?  Well, there is for me.  Castles are all well and good but they're usually somewhat at the harsh end of existence whereas palaces suggest exotic opulence and grandeur.  As such, these luxurious dwellings aren't really what I associate with this country.  Doesn't a palace... Continue Reading →

Old News

We found some old newspapers (parts of two) serving as insulation under the itchy coo in the loft so if you'd care to browse some of the articles making the news back in 1964 and 1956, I have pictures to share with you. The 1956 paper seems to be a copy of the Dispatch, possibly... Continue Reading →

Here’s to a New Challenge …

I'm writing this in response to this week's Red Writing Hood prompt; I've never done anything like this before and I don't know if I've quite got the hang of it yet so bear with me! ---- I watch my friend react in horror: who are these people with their spiky hair and pins through... Continue Reading →

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