Labels and Lists, Soul and Self

It's funny how falling ill becomes the pursuit of labels.  Labels, boxes, the very things that we seek to shun in most circles become all that define us.  We become defined by what we cannot do. Sometimes it's so easy to get bogged down in what we can no longer do that we lose all... Continue Reading →


What’s in a Name?

I see the letters that you have formed Wobbling but firm And I sense pride in your identity But you are more than a collection of letters They are not you; you are more I could tell you of places Where you would have your mother's name Or be someone's daughter or someone's son Or... Continue Reading →

Untitled II

I am a navigator Adrift on an endless sea Maybe the waves will carry me home If there is ever a home to be found

Je ne regrette rien

How strange this ability of yours Do we carry only what we need or want? Is to move on to forget? Every past fragment wiped clean Are we mere machines to reset? Or rather complex histories? Ah, if only I could wipe it all away And be given a chance to start all over How... Continue Reading →

I am a Little Meadow Flower

I am a little meadow flower Slightly ragged Barely noticeable Sometimes called weed Lost almost In a field of many blooms Adding to the beauty Of the many But nothing on my own I take the soil Whatever's given me And make seed For the future For whoever follows That is all I am a... Continue Reading →

Memory Box

A lifetime poured into a plastic box At once careless and desperate A bulwark against forgetting In case the things that were are the less for having been An evidence locker of having loved and laughed Relics of things past and not likely to be repeated This was then, this was here, more bittersweet than... Continue Reading →

Heroes Yet Villains

Once upon a time, when we were young The heroes were white and pure Stood apart, tall and strong When did we raise them? So they would always be taller? Did we make them or did they make us? Their gold glittered at us Sunlight or human natyre? But it was only there to fill... Continue Reading →

The Nature of Me

What is me? A shadow or a being? Something lost or something to be found? If at birth I am me Then once I was me But now? Who is me? If at death I am me Then I am not yet me Then what of now? Is me just a hope or dream? Something... Continue Reading →

How Do You Like to Journey?

Life is all about journeys, metaphorical or otherwise.  Sometimes we don't even realise that we're on the journey and although some would prefer the comfort and control of a well thought out itinerary, some of the best, some of the most memorable, some of the most meaningful were never planned.  I have to admit that... Continue Reading →

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