Do You Really Mean Me?

  You know that thing people do when they're not entirely sure if someone is talking to them or someone else, they look over their shoulder?  I've been doing that a lot the last few weeks.  Probably mixed with a bit of rabbit-caught-in-headlights too.  You can't seriously mean me?  OK, you are.  Panic, doubt, worry.... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game

What does being an adult, reaching maturity really mean?  I think that one of the most important definitions, if you will, or maybe criteria, is being able to take responsibility for yourself.  We are born helpless and within not so many years we are weaned, potty trained and have learnt to walk.  These are huge... Continue Reading →

Grateful for the Fire

Coping strategies.  There’s something inherently wrong with that expression.  Strategy, well, you need a clear head and a good idea of what the playing field is for that.  Coping, well, that implies a little too strongly successful management.  But the reality is that coping is just another word for surviving.  We bury our heads in... Continue Reading →

Bouncing Back

I am a lifelong pessimist, unfortunate but true.  I like to think of it as a protection, it means that I don't get my hopes up and therefore, am rarely disappointed.  If I think about it more carefully, I think actually a more accurate description would be 'realist'.  I like to take a realistic attitude. ... Continue Reading →

Depression’s Legacy

~ Trigger Alert ~ The word 'legacy' does kind of suggest that something or someone has passed, legacy is about what is left, what remains.  A legacy can leach through history.  Like the effects Romans have had on the countryside, justice system, architecture, diet and goodness knows what else.  Some legacies are more tangible like... Continue Reading →

I’ve Lost My Voice

~ Trigger Alert ~ The voice inside my head, that is.  It’s alright, I’m only slightly crazy and I’m not talking about psychosis or hallucination or anything else from a slightly scarier spectrum of Mental Health.  However, there is a voice inside my head, it’s like the record that I live my life to, I... Continue Reading →

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