FO: A KAL Involving (Too) Many Stitches and Some Beading

I am a bear of very little brain, I am slow and can't count.  This thwarts my knitting ambitions.  Although to be strictly truthful, I haven't really done ambition for a while.  Whilst the past calls to me, I've always had trouble facing the future and find it hard to envisage it in concrete terms... Continue Reading →


Of Heart or Mind

As is this the case with pretty much any subject you may care to investigate, you can just pop a few words into a search engine and within seconds (depending on the level of cooperation that both your computer and internet provider wish to extend to you), quasi-information is at your fingertips.  The wealth of... Continue Reading →

Is Anonymity Deception?

The Internet is easily painted in broad, dark strokes.  A place of concealment, deception and fraud.  It is a place that is out to get you and your family, especially your children. Does that mean then that I am a threat? I post on this blog anonymously.  I like the anonymity; paradoxically it means that... Continue Reading →

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